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Loyalty systems

Why to have a Loyalty system

Confidence and loyalty of regular customers are highly valuable assets of each company.

Loaylty system itself is not the reason for your customer's loyalty and constant affection. They return mostly due to the qualities of your products and services.

Loaylty system serves as an important added value, which reinforces the desire of customers to spend their money just for you – with the expectations of the profits which they derive from it.

Main benefit for you is the fact, that loyalty customer system allows you a perfect cognition of your customers. Knowledge of purchasing practices in combination with other information and effective work with this data gives you an unique chance, how to flexibly and accurately respond to customer demands, flexibly adapt your offers to market requirements and strategic planning based on real evidence, analysis based on actual numbers, not just estimates and often distorted perceptions. Exact knowledge of your customers is only way how to communicate the business offers effectively, purposefully and meaningfully and to segment correctly.

Right setting of loyalty system and proper use of its data is foundation of success. Loyalty system is not just the short-term sale support. Building relationships with customers is a long run issue and loyalty of customers is priceless and underestimated asset of the company. So it's necessary to devote time to plan all necessary steps and accept loyalty system as one of the strategic business tool.

Returnability of costs incurred in the loyalty scheme is long-run matter from the financial manager's point of view, but there's no doubt, that the success of the company stands or falls on the customer relations. Satisfied and loyal customers will bring the desired gains. Working with data, effective motivation of customers and suitably prepared communication with your correctly defined target groups can costs to build the loyalty system not just to return, but also will be reflected in increasing your profits, streamlining the sales of your products and services, strengthen market positions and last but not least, help to improve your co-operation with suppliers and enhance your buying position.

Properly configured loyalty system will build, stabilize and further develop your relationships with customers and thus your entire business stability.

We offer a comprehensive solution for your customer loyalty system – setting goals, preparation of customer tailored concept, concept of all the necessary processes, rules, financial settings; proposals of client identification, proposals of communication channels, ensuring the SW – data processing, conducting of customer accounts; proposal and ensuring of rewards, encluding the web catalog; physical or electronic distribution of rewards; operating of communication channels, including complaints, billing, reporting; your staff training, promotions etc.

We will help to solve your problem, uncover your reserves in the management of relationships with your customers. Build your stable and loyal customer base. We will improve your communication with your customers. We can help with maintaining your market position. Otherwise we can obtain or renew it, using our experience and modern technology.

Loyalty and customer cards

The client identification is the principle of most of customer loyalty programs. The plastic card is one of the most universal, well-proven tool with interesting design. It can use some of technologies discrebed below.

The plastic card in customer loyalty system serves as a tangible proof of service provided to customers while they are shopping, and it also serves as identification data carrier. Plastic customer cards are very space-saving, moreover surface of plastic cards can be very effectively used for further marketing communications. And smart cards also provide data transfer.

We produce and print for your plastic cards with magnetic stripe, plastic card with a barcode, plastic smart cards and simple cards – cards with printing and ID without any technology.

Personification is an important factor for plastic cards. It is an element or a set of elements consisting of different technologies, that ensures the uniqueness of each card. We offer both chip technology and surface treatment cards (printing, applying the magnetic stripe, barcode printing, embossing etc.).

Loyalty systems works with customer's cards, which can be sorted into the three groups according to the kind of identification.

A) Customer loyalty cards

This is the implementation of cards in circulation among customers. Cards should be personified (name, picture and others). Registration of card is based for example on numerical personification of cards (0001 – 1000, etc.).


  • Very low costs of implementing the loyalty system
  • Hillarious card design makes your products, goods and services more attractive to sell
  • Possibility of using card surface as an advertising tool
  • Create a permanent clientele through the benefits of holding a card


  • Low variability of system
  • Low ability to track purchasing habits and consumer behavior

B) Customer loyalty cards with barcode or magnetic stripe

System based on barcode works with internal database. The identification number is encrypted to the code and it's connected to database of customers via reading device.


  • Cards are less expensive than smart cards
  • It is possible to segment the customers according to stated numbering parametres, when printing bar codes
  • Sale is more attractive thanks to bonus or gift system
  • Products and services are more attractive thanks to design of plastic cards
  • Create a permanent clientele through the benefits of holding a card


  • Require a reading device
  • Require a program and a database to process necessary and useful data

C) Customer loyalty smart cards – contact or contactless

Smart cards are cards with embedded integrated circuits. You can record customer information, award bonuses etc. thanks to card reader connected with computer. This data can be deleted as needed.

As does it stand in its name, the contact card must be in contact with reader, what means insertion into the device and contact while reading or writing. Whereas the contactless card needs only fleeting contact with the reader which recognizes the card very quickly and chosen SW can handle with information whithot card in a reader.


  • Use the card as an electronic wallet
  • The card serves as a gift voucher with any amount of load
  • Customer information is transmitted on the card
  • Great benefit to the business alignment of marketing strategy and planning
  • Sale is more attractive thanks to bonus or gift system
  • Products and services are more attractive thanks to design of plastic cards
  • Create a permanent clientele through the benefits of holding a card


  • Higher cost of the system (equipment, software) for smart technologies
  • The higher price of the card with contactless chip
  • Increased demands on the system hardware devices – technologies

Are you considering running a loyalty program for your customers? Do you want to increase their loyalty, to communicate with them regularly, to get know them better, and also duly reward them for their loyalty? Do you guess, but do not know how to manage it all effectively, preferably by means of sophisticated tools? Your respons may be platform, which is based on the latest technology. offers you all the necessary tools and functionality for the operation of small and robust loyalty program for large audiences. platform consists of several modules that together constitute a whole, which is needed to operate a loyalty system. Each of this modules can manage a single back office, which includes different access rights.

Loyalty engine

  • Client data import
  • Administration of Loyalty accounts
  • Creating loyalty clubs and sub-clubs, segmentation according to specified criteria (silver, gold, platinum etc.)
  • Managing loyalty currencies and coefficients
  • Data import and the subsequent transformation of loyalty points
  • Loyalty rules setting (turnings, clubs, products, campaigns, geografical, time, loyalty, personal and many others, including various combinations)


  • Unique platform for distribution and validation of electronic vouchers
  • Fully modifiable template of e-voucher
  • Distribution via e-mail or SMS
  • Validation through a Web interface or via Web services
  • Management interface for the survey of issued / validated / canceled e-vouchers
  • Targeted communication to your loyalty club, or individual segments
  • Fully modifiable template of messages, newsletters etc.
  • Comunication via e-mail or SMS


  • Import and administration of products (rewards)
  • Creating of categories (public x private)
  • Managing graphic content
  • Managing the minimum values of products for ordering
  • Quizzes, questionnaire, contests

Statistic modul

  • Loyalty accounts
  • Orders of rewards
  • Drawing the points
  • Quizzes, questionnaire, contests etc. platform is already fully operational and is offered as a service. It's the so-called outsourcing, which allows hirer rapidly reduce acquisition and operating costs. Hirer does not have to operate a loyalty system to build their own infrastructure (HW, licenced SW etc.) and what's more, system is managed, updated and further developed as needed by our experienced team.

Do you know which platform is sufficient to operate your loyalty system? However technology is just the background, which helps you with communication, better targetting, leading your customers to playfulness and so on. For the successful operation of a loyalty program are also required high-quality business services, which will guarantee you the wide range of rewards, compliance monitoring etc. Quality back-office, which will ensure timely and substantive answering the questions of members of the loyalty system, resolves any complaints etc., and last but not least, quality agency services, which will ensure the preparation, distribution and printing materials, which includes not only rewards catalog.


Retail Adventures, a.s. recently expanded its portfolio of services in the field of customer loyalty systems entering the company's CRM Invite - CRM specialist provider for the retail and consumer goods.

Invite CRM consolidates critical business data such as cash transactions, personal information and information about consumer preferences and behavior, and that all collects into a global view of the company. For their further use provides the most advanced marketing and business tools in one application. The platform Invite is kind of superstructure, which consists of warehouse, accounting and retail POS systems and it's available through most common and widespread suppliers: APLS Praha (WinShop), APLS Zlín, Datec Retail Solutions (POSFlow, DRS etc.), Global Systems (line GS), U-Sluno (OBIS).

Invite CRM allows a substantial expansion and improvement of cooperation between retailers and suppliers by sharing key data, systems and cost.