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IT services

Our long experience in customer motivation and customer loyalty systems helps us to create unique technological platform, which allows individual control of custom tailored loyalty systems for affordable cost.

We offer a complete solution for complex, creative, efficient and effective loyalty sytems (B2B, B2C, B2E). We have available software solutions for small, medium and large businesses / companies.

Our solutions are sufficiently sophisticated, stable and satisfying the most demanding safety features.

We have our own, experienced development teams.

We would like to advise you how to set your customer loyalty system.

Loyalty engine

Our unique in-house developed loyalty software manage to work with any input data. We are not limited just by payment, billing or other kinds of transactions. We will process any data, which contracting authority find important for their customers rewarding, motivations etc.

The loyalty software offers variable and combinable rules (not just sales, product, duration of cooperation or a certain period of time of day, etc.). The rules are easily adjustable and flexible and therefore changeable.

Our loyalty engine allows you to combine different data, number of criterias and variable rules.

It also makes possible different ways of clients identifications, such as by EAN code, magnetic stripe or chip on a plastic card; via the user name and pasword entered in the system at different levels; identifications using mobile phone or latest technological possibilities of identification, such as NFC and other technologies.

Loyalty engine can be connected to other systems developed by us, so we can build an effective solution of customer loyalty system according to needs and requirements of contracting authority.

eC system

Unique in-house developed platform, which offers maximum possibilities of modern technology combined with cost savings.

Efficient tool for customer loyalty systems based on electronic communication.

For existing operators of established loyalty systems

  • to expand and improve the reward catalog
  • to significantly reduce the costs of operating its own loyalty system

For companies intending to build their own powerful and effective loyalty system

  • to immidiate start with low initial costs

Utilizing efficient electronic distribution of reward vouchers (via e-mail or SMS)

  • Simple validation for partners through several channels of validation
  • On-line survey on orders for each supplier and branch store
  • Absolute safety for clients and suppliers, unique codes, optional password etc.

The combination of point currencies - possibility of forming a coalitions - possible payments in CZK (safe technology 3D Secure)

New communication channel

  • Common form of brand presentation (logos, hyperlinks, banners ...)
  • One2one communication tool (based on personal data collecting, enable preparation of targeted offers)
    • Banners, logos, hyperlinks, footnotes in e-mails send to the members of program
    • SMS and e-mail campaign

Web sites

Websites are one of the main communication channels of each loyalty system.

We propose, develope and run the websites, that contain all information about the system, Client Logins, online status of client point accounts, rewards catalog (web shop) including online ordering of rewards, forms of questions and complaints, monitoring of distribution states, history, quizzes, competitions, surveys, auctions, collecting customers data and much more, according to the client requirements and the type of customer system.

Part of website solution we bring, is also the webshop - rewards catalog, which can display the prizes in different point currencies and enable the customers to pay some amount of reward value with money (via the safe technologi 3D Secure). Webshoped is linked to the eC system and Logistic SW.

The websites are available to run on separate domain, or can be implemented to the existing sites using the corporate design of your company.

Logistic SW

We have our own solutions from an order for delivery into the hands of the customer, for reweards, which are sent through traditional physical distribution, with the inclusion of information on the status of orders, information about the shipment etc.

Call center SW 

The Call center is another very important communication channel of the loyalty system. Our Call center is linked to the Loyalty engine, so all informations about system, client login, online status of point account, rewards catalog including online ordering of rewards, online sending of electronic vouchers, confirmation of reward order, form of questions and complaints, monitoring of distribution state, history, quizzes, competitions, surveys, auctions, collecting customer data etc., are available to the operator while communicating with the customer.


Our company has a stake in the company, that developes and operates Invite CRM software for retail market, including unique know-how of consultations and data analysis. We can therefore offer a complete service in the areas of CRM, data analysis, retail consulting, campange design and management, etc.