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Contact center

Communication with customers, right choice of the communication channels and their accessability are the base of your products and services success.

Our customer contact center provides a modern ways of communication and offers consolidating of all communication channels in only one professional center.

We can offer the establishment, operation and maintenance of some of undermenntioned channels, acccording to the type of project and requeirements:

  • websites, chat, web call back
  • call center – calls, IVR, call back, recording
  • e-mail
  • SMS
  • fax
  • mail

Our contact center was primary created as a support of customer loyalty systems, that we run and operate.

Loyalty system websites enable to order rewards and send questions and complaints, available 365/24

Call center enable to order rewards and answer the questions and complaints, active and passive telemarketing, available 365/12

e-mail – questions, complaints, orders confirmation, e-vouchers, information about the shipment, operating messages, direkt e-mailing etc., available 365/24

SMS – e-vouchers, about the shipment, operating messages, marketing announcement, available 365/24

Mail – questions, complaints, distribution of rewards, direct mails

Fax – questions, complaints

We can offer the services of our contact center separately for your one-and long-term projects. We are able to realize different types of projects, from relatively simple to complex, but still prepared with individual approach and maximum professionality.

Each person is different and unique. Each requires a different approach. Some are innovative, some conservative, some prefer the latest technology, others prefer a conventional phone call. From our point of view it is not important who our clients are and what their customers prefer, because we integrate all the available channels of communication and always find the best way, how to contact them.

Our multimedia contact center provides complete freedom and comfort in communicating with your customers.

Our contact center and call center is equipped with latest technology, well trained staff, which together with an excellent location in the center guarantees the highest possible comfort services.

Our experience in the field of direct marketing, telemarketing, telecommunications, IT technologies, selection, training and guidance of operators allows us to provide our clients the highest possible standard of service.

Our call center offers these services:

Pasive telemarketing:

  • Information line for your products and services, competition line
  • Customer service, help desk
  • Ordering Hotline - receiving and processing
  • Virtual reception desk

Active telemarketing:

  • Arranging meetings
  • Market Research
  • Updating the database
  • Offering of goods and services over the phone

We place great emphasis on the selection and training of operators. We accept only students of higher vocational schools and universities or those with completed secondary education. This guarantees not only a certain standard of behavior, but also a general overview and potential.

Only 40% of all candidates successfully complete an entire entry training, including intensive final interview consisting of test and simulated calls. Question is, inter alia, focused on good professional communication, practical skills, empathy, ability to cope with stress, lead the call, listening etc. All agents undergo regular refresher courses. All activities and processes are monitored, so they are constantly under scrutiny and modifiable in real time.

Our system combines advanced IVR, CTI, ACD, dialer (standard or predictive) and "multimedia queue management", all on a single robust platform that maximizes performance and overall output of the system.