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ÖMV Quelle Novum mojebody JM


We will advice you, how to achieve your bussines goals, how to effectively motivate your customer, how to most effectively meet their needs.

We will help to solve your problem, uncover your reserves in the management of relationships with your customers.

Build your stable and loyal customer base.

We will improve your communication with your customers.

We can help with maintaining your market position. Otherwise we can obtain or renew it, using our experience and modern technology.

We offer to you:

  • Market analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Proposals of ideological concepts, business plans, ROI
  • Proposals and complete realization of the pilot operation
  • Evaluation of the pilot operation (marketing, finance, IT, risk etc.)
  • Proposals and complete outsourcing of Loyalty system service (business plan, finance, graphics, communication channels, web, CRM, POS materials, staff training etc.)

We elaborate studies, proposals, strategies for your customer loyalty system covering consultations of all the necessary areas:
Marketing including market research, design of focus groups, segmentation, design of ideological concepts, strategies etc.
Business including design of catalog of bonus products and their ensuring
IT including complete delivery of custom SW, Data analysis, design of implementation and security policy
Financial including design of point value, KPI's, ROI etc.
Legal and tax including design of system rules, Privacy Policy and correct loyalty currency accounting etc.
Operating including design of complete services outsourcing

Our team is at yours disposal during the processing of proposals and studies for your customer loyalty system and throughout our mutual cooperation.