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Choosing the right rewards is important for every single customer loyalty system or benefit program, because these rewads works as motivator for your customers to spend their money for your services. And these rewards make your customers want to order them, and only way to get them, is their customer loyalty, which brings you a business effort and longed increase in profit.

Our company with its long tradition has a large database of trusted suppliers, who are able able to reflect on the need for the project in a very short time and deliver adequate rewards in the form of goods and services for customer loyalty programs, rewards for different B2B segments, etc. We can offer you quality products in a very short time with guaranteed availability for the duration of the rewards catalog.

Our company offers a broad portfolio of brands at attractive commercial terms, with short lead times and the possibility of securing the entire distribution process. Convince yourself and take a look at our Offer.

We arrange for you the structure and content of reward catalog, select appropriate rewards according to the type of project and the structure of your customers. We will tender to selected suppliers, contract security, performance monitoring and distribute the rewards to your customers. We can take responsibility for dealing with complaints and give you the necessary statistical service. We will arrange for you the complete preparation of documents for printing and enter the rewards into the web catalog as well.

The process proceeds in two phases:

Preparative phase:

  • The report on trends in customer loyalty systems or in field of rewards
  • A survey of market
  • Selection of the appropriate distribution channel
    • Physical distribution
    • Electronic distribution
  • Preliminary and interim analysis
    • a comparison of the business partner’s brands quality
    • a price analysis
    • a comparison of products or services, delivery terms, etc.
    • a customer service’s analysis

Implementation phase:

  • Searching for suitable business partners
    • the partners supplying specific goods or services
    • the partners providing discounts for retail networks
    • the co-marketing actions partners
    • the partners who meet the conditions of distribution requirements

We search for partners or rewards given to the needs of your loyalty system, your customer group, type of project and your individual requirements.

  • Contractual relationships with business partners
    • Contracts for the supply of goods or services to the loyalty system
    • Contracts for subsequent servicing of goods or services
    • factual and legal responsibility under the contract
  • Design of reward catalog, design of distribution channels etc.
  • Statistical evaluation
    • Statistical service for Partners
    • evaluating the effectiveness of partners and their rewards